Charitable Foundations

LAWSGROUP has always been actively involved in contributing to the communities it serves. Contributions are usually made through the foundations set up by the late Mr. Law Ting Pong, founder of the LAWSGROUP, and Lawsgroup Charity Fund Limited to support various charitable causes in the area of education, medical service and healthcare, environmental protection and social welfare. Major projects include:

  • Education: Funding the establishment of several Secondary Schools and Kindergartens in Hong Kong and China. Sponsoring the teaching facilities and school premises/hall improvement projects of several Colleges and Universities in Hong Kong, China and London. Setting up scholarships opened to outstanding Hong Kong and China undergraduates.
  • Medical Service and Healthcare: Sponsoring hospitals, various medical funds and provide free medical and rehabilitation services to the poor and those in need.
  • Environmental Protection: Sponsoring various kinds of environmental protection activities organized by Friends of the Earth, Green Power, The Community Chest and others.
  • Social Welfare: Donating to various disaster relief fund-raising campaigns.


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